I’m a British artist working primarily with paint, though I didn’t start out that way. After university in England and a brief spell in London financial services, I spent14 years living in California, working in marketing for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley and then later as an art advisor in San Francisco where I founded a company called Blue Tangerine Art. I loved helping people find art for their personal and corporate collections but I began to realise I was looking for a particular painting -- one that I was going to have to paint myself.

Sometimes the smallest things can set you off in a new direction. Reading a book called Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss triggered such an “Ah-ha” moment. The author suggested that if you promote the arts (as I was doing), then you are in fact the Artist archetype. This phrase alone gave me permission to pick up a paint brush and teach myself to paint, after having abandoned studio art (though not history of art) aged 13. So I set about learning all I could with the help of my artist mother and her teacher, Robin Child, who was himself taught by a student of Walter Sickert.

Living in California gave me the freedom and space to experiment with the effects of intense, vibrating colour on a large scale. Now that I live in the wilderness of west Cornwall, not far from Land’s End, I find a similar freedom and space. The huge skies and quality of light here, the extreme climate (Cornish winters can be harsh!) and empty landscape free from urbanisation allow a more direct communication with spirit and silence.

All these, as well as my yoga and meditation practice, infuse and inform my work. For me, painting is a lifestyle, a career and a spiritual experience. There are times when I get goose bumps and my spine tingles at the sense of being in communication something more expansive than I will ever understand. And it’s this that spurs me on - an attempt to express the metaphysical and that essential part of our Selves that is beyond words and language.

Perhaps you’ll see that in my work. Perhaps you’ll recognise something in a painting that speaks to you.

For me, it’s a joy to be able to get up and paint every day; to spend time in the studio where five hours passing can seem like five minutes. Allowing myself to express what wants to come through is my bliss and my calling: whether it be an abstracted landscape inspired by travels and meditations, or a ‘pure’ abstract in which I attempt to capture the essence of being through colour, space and gesture.

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