Watch Trudy making an abstract painting and learn why she stretches her own canvases and turns it as she paints it. (4.06 mins)


Cornwall Today, August 2017

Dazzling West Coast Colour

"At her studio in Penwith, Trudy Montgomery has been pouring hot Californian colour into Cornwall's presigious tradition of abstract painting.

...The wall-to-wall white of her studio is the perfect backdrop for her paintings which, in a show of vivid abstraction that is as much Penwith's Patrick Heron as Santa Monica's Richard Diebenkorn, are blending the vibrant colour of Californian painting with Cornwall's own history of Abstract Expressionism.

[...] Kandinsky said 'Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.' That's an idea which really speaks to me", [Trudy] replies.

My experience of living in California, and also in India means that yoga and spiritual development are very mcuh part of my life. I meditate before I paint and I'd describe my working process as being in a 'meditative state of action' - it's not Abstract Expressionist exactly, it's more spiritual, more devotional. I select my palette intuitively, since colours, I feel are reflective of emotional states. Colour can take me to new places, to new states of being. In part, I'm consciously attempting to evoke different feelings - joy, love - and I revel in the vibration of large expanses of colour. [...]

My paintings are a place I can go to, a place full of joy, a gateway to a dream state -- a dreamscape if you like. In life, we are anchored to a particular place in the world, but when dreaming or meditating we are unrestricted by physical location. I am interested in the idea of metaphysical space and so my works, accordingly, might be described as metaphysical or spiritual landscapes.

Dazzling West Coast Colour, Cornwall Today, August 2017 (p68-69)

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In The Abstract

Having relocated from California to a remote studio in Cornwall, painter Trudy Montgomery is bringing together the influence of two historically important art cultures, and continuing a celebrated line of British abstraction that goes back 70 years. [...]

"There’s no doubt my years in the landscape and art culture of California have had a strong influence on my work. The intensity of the light over there, the big skies and wide open spaces are inspirational, and now I’m responding to those same aspects of Penwith, a place with its own naturally beautiful and culturally dynamic ‘west coast’ feel.”

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Masters in the Making

Arts writer Mercedes Smith spotlights three rising stars of contemporary art to look out for in 2017.

"Trudy Montgomery is one of the next generation of artists in Cornwall whose work is part of a direct line of British expressionist painting which has its roots in the ground-breaking abstraction of artists such as Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon. [...]

The sheer size of canvas and strength of colour in Trudy’s works make for deliciously emotive viewing, and hints of landscape in these otherwise highly abstracted paintings make her exhibitions akin to an intensely joyful, semi-spiritual walk through the more beautiful parts of your own imagination. Having exhibited to acclaim in London, Dubai, Los Angeles and Berlin, her career is surely one to watch for those with a passion for the ongoing history of Cornish painting, and serious collectors of abstract art."

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